Types of roles within the Mercenaries

1. Taking the place of an AI, Mission must be built in a manner that if a member chooses to take the place of a DCS approved flyable or playable ground unit is removed/replaced by the member. This prevents from adding undue stress to the mission as it is intended to be played. This will not result in the Opfor losing any equipment and will not receive any stats for their efforts.

2. Missions that require non AI pilots in a head to head action. In this style of mission it is required that members on both sides bring there own equipment. Any losses during this type of mission will be tracked on a AAR by the MC on each side. It will be considered 2 separate contracts in one mission. The
mission briefing must reflect this.

Group membership.

Each group is run as its own flight unit under the rules of the Mercenaries. Before you are permitted to join a group you must first meet Mercenary status i.e. no longer a Nugget. No group is to recruit nuggets until they have met the Mercenary status.

Group hangers - and buying and selling of aircraft.

For group or corporation hangers there are 3 possible options

1. ****Freelancer****
No group affiliation, Full separation of Money and hanger

2. ****Contracted Pilot to a Paramilitary Corporation (PMC) ****
Pilots have the option of being contracted to a group within the DCS mercenaries. Any mission flown for the group will be utilizing group funds and equipment. The individual has the option to maintain their own personal inventory, separate from the group.

2A. Creating a contract “Term of service” with a PMC group.
1. This is a contract that will dictate a pay for a time period of service to a PMC group.
2. Once a contract agreement is reached it must be filed with the DCM. Or it is not a binding contract. Both the contractor and contracted party must sign the document or each send the Contract agreement to DCM on the approved letter head. By adding your name/call sign to the contract and E-mailing it to the DCM. Both party's are bound by the agreement at the time the DCM receives the email. (Must be E-mailed from a on file address for that member)

2B. Base expansion is limited to how many members are in the group. For each member you have over four, you will gain the ability to expand your base by two buildings per pilot . Base starts as a single base with one of each building (One Hanger, One Warehouse, and One Fuel tank). A maximum of twenty building is allowed.

3. ****Mercenary Group****
Personal Money, Personal Hanger, Group warehouse for weapons only - No aircraft allowed in group hanger. May only borrow weapons/fuel from group warehouse. (one warehouse 500 storage and one Fuel tank 99,000 lb. of fuel) are available to this group stile.

Storage rules.

Hanger, Warehouse and Fuel tanks.

1. Starting buildings for all members will be 1 Hanger, 1 Warehouse and 1 fuel tank.

2. Building storage capacity's (Hanger: 4 air frames of any size) (Warehouse: 500 slots for inventory) (Fuel tank: 99,000 lbs. of fuel, You may have the 2 different types of fuel in one tank)

3. Expanding your storage capacity. To be able to buy more buildings you must first expand your building pads. To do this you will have to pay $12,000,000 to buy the property, have construction build the pads add water and all the other things needed. By buying this upgrade you will be able to build 3 more building of your choice. This upgrade can only be bought 3 times. This will give you 9 more building pads to expand your storage capacity.

4. Building pricing. Hanger = $2,000,000 Warehouse = $2,500,000 Fuel tank = $1,500,000

These rules are to be enforced on all members starting today. All members that are currently over stock have until Dec. 24 2014 to reach compliance or their stockpile will be sold to the black market at the restocking price of 75% value of the item. I will go through the storage buildings with each member to decide what they are willing to give up until they reach compliance. Also any member out of compliance will not be allowed to buy any more stock from the Black Market. (This means that if you are out of compliance on any of the 3 items you are not allowed to buy any of the other items.)

5. If you are able to buy a Nimitz class aircraft carrier you will be able to store 65 aircraft, 5,000 weapons slots and 450,000 lbs of fuel on board.

5a If taking off from a airport you are restricted to the inventory on land. If taking off from the aircraft carrier you are restricted to the inventory of the aircraft carrier.

Creating a group within the DCM

Any one wanting to create a group must contact CAT_101 and request to start a new group. If you have a good reason and a solid plan for starting a new group you will be allowed to.

Mission rules.
Aircraft Steal Missions:
Each pilot has a chance for stealing a DCS level airframe. FC3 aircraft cannot be stolen.
Once in the mission, all communications will be shut off to the pilot. Only the sever admin and the pilot may be on the sever during this mission. It is up to the pilot to get his newly acquired DCS level aircraft to the home FARP, or Base.

The Mission for stealing a DCS Level Aircraft can be flown 1 time over 2 months or 60 day period whichever comes first.

The level 1 (Easy) missions are for new pilot's that have less than 15 official mission's flown.

Level 2 (Medium) steal missions are for pilots that have 16-50 official missions with the air frame that they are trying to steal.

Level 3 (Hard) steal missions are for the more experienced pilots that have 50+ official missions in the type of aircraft to be stolen.

The mission may be altered before a flight for pilots that have already flown the mission once before. Changes will be limited to just moving existing units around/change of weather and time in the mission.

Weapon Capture and Escort.

US and RU weapons capture missions can only be flown if they show up on the contract board.

Missions that involve weapon escort and capture will not have pay involved for a successful mission. Only hired pilots will be paid if that was the agreement with the M.C.

A max of 12 trucks and 2 support vehicles will be allowed.

Equipment rental. Each truck will cost $10,000, Each APC $40,000, each medium armor $65,000 and each Heavy armor will cost $80,000.

Each truck will have 10 slots to carry stolen weapons. APC’s will have 4 slots. UH-1H 6 slots, Mi-8 8 slots. Helicopters must land at the required location and time marked by smoke. A load time of 90 seconds is required for the helicopters to be loaded.

Weapons stolen will be decided by having each weapon numbered. A random number generator will then provide number's to determine what weapon will be put into the currant slot being rolled for. This will be done until all slots are full. Only on request will a weapons list be given to the M.C. otherwise the weapons will just be put into the warehouse of the M.C. This will be done after the mission is over and a remaining truck count can be confirmed via a screen shot.

Requirements to be a Mission Commander.

1. Only Pilots with enough equipment/money can grab contracts off the Contract board.
2. Requirements 1 air frame, 10,000lb of fuel, 1 gun load and 2 hard points of the same weapon type
3. Pilots must meet the Hardened Mercenary status, (25 mission's total)
4. Pilots must be 18 years of age.
5. Must be checked out by a senior member, topics must include how to download and properly fill out an AAR with only minor mistakes (CAT_101).

Jr. Mission Commander

1. All rules to be a Mission commander apply to the Jr. M.C.
2. The Jr. Mission Commander can only hire one (1) other pilot to fly with. Unless the Jr. Mission Commander is just commanding from the ground.
3. Jr. Mission Commander can not command the 2 hr and longer mission's
4. Pilot must meet the Mercenary status. (10 missions, Basic training and attempted a aircraft steel)

Rules for Jr. Mission Commander without a aircraft.

1. This is a special circumstance assignment by CAT_101. In the event that there is a low in Mission commanders to take up non M.C. Qualified pilots in the DCS-mercenaries.
2. When acting as a M.C. You are subject to all the rules of a Merc, with an aircraft. Except not being restricted from using a Black market supplied aircraft. (example: can not collect B.M. only points for cash.)
3. All rules applied to using a black market aircraft apply. Except for paying for damage to the aircraft. And subject to the recovery fees.
4. All Jr. mission commander rules apply. Except rules stated in the “Rules for Jr. Mission Commander without a aircraft.”
5. When flying with another Merc. The is a qualified M.C. The Jr. Mission Commander without a aircraft. Is no longer subject to the rules posted for a “Jr. Mission Commander without a aircraft.”. They are to be considered a normal member with out there own aircraft. They are allowed to get B.M. only points.
6. Jr. Mission Commander without a aircraft. Are subject to all AAR infraction rules and penalty’s.
7. Pilot must meet the Mercenary status. (10 missions, Basic training and attempted a aircraft steel)

Responsibility of the M.C.

1. M.C. must file an After Action Report within 48 hours in the AAR section of the www.digitalcombatmercenaries.enjin.com forum. If the AAR is not filed in that time the M.C. will be fined $250,000 for failure to report mission status, and will have to pay any hired pilots $100,000 regardless of mission status. The AAR must still be filed.

2. M.C. must negotiate pilots pay prior to mission take off, pilots flying a black market supplied airframe do not have to be paid by the MC, they may fly for the point bonus at the MC’s discretion.

3. Mission planning and briefing

4. Report weapon and fuel loads to the host for setting up the mission.

5. The MC is not responsible for the inventory of those flying for them.

6. Any side dealings should be noted in the AAR and posted in the forum along with the AAR.

7. MC is responsible for posting proof (IE: screen shots, .trk file, twitch recording) of mission status. No proof of mission results can lead to a rejection of AAR and a Fine of $100,000

Requirements of the hired pilots.

1. You are a mercenary no rules apply to you. It is recommended that you follow the flight leads orders if you want more jobs in the future. Good luck.

2. If a MC does not file an AAR with in the required 48 hours of the end of the mission you may file a claim against the MC

Non-participating members in the Observer position of any mission, may not be given the right to tell any active mercenary in the mission intel of the goings on around them. They are to keep all information about the mission status to themselves. Penalties are 1st a warning, 2nd time can be kicked from sever by host. 3rd time fined $10,000 and banned from sever until the mission is over. If a history of interference is recorded, that member will no longer be allowed to observe active missions.

After Action Reports.

1. An AAR.xml (google drive) file can be downloaded from the AAR section of the forum. You will need to use google drive in order to fill out and read the AAR format correctly. Fill in all the necessary blanks on page 1 (page 2 will auto fill in the AAR), post the file when finished in the AAR section of the dcs-mercenaries forum.

2. After the AAR is filed the pilots status will be updated at CAT_101's leisure. Most likely within 72 hours. Please remember real life dictates CAT_101’s schedule for completing AAR’s. AAR’s will be completed in the order that they are received.

3. The MC is not responsible for the inventory of other pilots. If they say they have the weapons in inventory and don't at the time the AAR is processed. A 2x fee of the price of the weapon in question is charged as long as the weapon is in the black market. If the weapon is not in the black market a 3x fee will be charged. The pilot’s inventory will be set to 0 weapons of that type.

4. If AAR has errors to the point where AAR is unable to be filed the following fees will be incurred per failed AAR in a 30 day rolling period. The 30 days start from the last offense.
First Offense: 25,000
Second Offense: 100,000
Third Offense: 500,000
upon third unpayable AAR in a 30 day period the following will also occur.
Mission Commander status will be revoked for a two week period (14 Days)
After reinstatement of mission commander status all fees are doubled for failed AAR's and if suspension occurs again the penalty is increased to 1 month (30 Days) for Mission Commander status being revoked, also retraining on AAR's will be necessary.
After reinstatement of mission commander status from the 1 month penalty, all fees are tripled for failed AAR's and if suspension occurs again the penalty is increased to a 6 month period for mission commander status being revoked, also 2nd retraining of AAR's will be necessary.
After reinstatement of mission commander status from the 6 month penalty, all fees remain tripled, but if suspension occurs again, mission commander status is permanently revoked.

5. Server Crashes and Mission Issues.
If the mission was failed, or a mission success was achieved at the time of the crash the mission status stands from point of crash. If someone was still in the engagement area during the crash and no mission success or failure was achieved the mission is scrapped. If everyone was RTB with no message of success or failure, the mission is considered a failure. If a player disconnects before the engagement, or start of mission objective: IE: transport of cargo/recon - Player can be removed from AAR as if he was never there, or reconnect and start mission objectives. If a player started the mission objectives or engaged targets and disconnects, player loses all fuel and weapons on board aircraft (not to include pods), mission is still paid out for confirmed points at time of disconnect. If player was guaranteed pay by the MC then pay is still paid out.

6. Protesting AAR/official mission results.

If a member has a problem with the AAR or results, they have 48 hours to post a protest. After that time the AAR and mission results will be locked down. In the protest please add all relevant data (take screen shots, quote rules, etc.) that will support your protest. If the protest cannot be resolved with the mission commander a board of members (no less than 3) will review statements of all parties involved in the mission. A majority vote will determine the outcome of the protest.

7. What to do if vehicles drive into a building and cannot be destroyed or found. One of the mercs in the mission will have to, after landing and stats are tracked go into the observer position to take a screen shot of the F10 screen and a shot of the offending vehicle's location. Troops that run into a building is something that can happen in combat and is not a good enough reason for a ruling. A ruling will be made by CAT or the judge on whether the situation warrants a success due to a game glitch.

Black market aircraft.Black market aircraft.

1. Each mission will have a minimum of 1 B.M. (Black market) aircraft of each type to be used by pilots that have no airframe of their own to use. All B.M. Aircraft will have a fixed load out and cannot be changed for any reason. Pilots flying the BM aircraft are not required to be paid a base pay by the mission commander. Pilots flying the B.M. Aircraft will acquire pay thru the mission point bonus
Black market aircraft may not be modified from the stock mission setup.
Only missions involving resupply of the black market can you add a BM aircraft for an extra Merc pilot.

Server host.

1. All official missions will be flown on a qualified host sever.
2. Sever host must have a stable connection.
3. Agree to confirm the AAR when posted.
4. Not interfere with the mission after it starts.
5. Know how to edit load outs and fuel to the M.C. Request.
6. Host may be in the TS sever channel just in case a pause is required or a restart or to end the mission.

Official mission flight.
Types of mission's.

1. One contract with one objective.
A contract that has a required action or objective to complete for a success.

2. One contract with multiple objectives for a mission success.
A contract that has more than one action or objective(s) to complete for a success

3. One mission with multiple contracts.
A mission that contains multiple objectives, each having its own contract and set of actions or objectives.

Rules for a mission and with multiple objectives.

1. A mission commander must be present for the mission. But not required to fly in the mission.
2. An official mission may be flown by a single pilot if hired by the M.C. The MC my not fly a mission alone. Unless the mission meets the single player mission rules.
3. If a pilot is KIA or MIA they forfeit their pay to the M.C.
4. If the M.C. is KIA or MIA at mission end, all pilots will be paid the negotiated pay plus the mission value will be split among all remaining pilots not KIA or MIA.
5. Pilots hired by the M.C. Will be paid regardless of mission success or failure. (See rule 3)
6. If a mission commander is KIA or MIA during a mission that has multiple objectives with a separate contract for each. The surviving members on that contract/AAR will split the M.C. contract pay upon a successful completion of the contract. The contract pay cannot be divided to other members on a different contract in the same mission. (See rule 4)

Ground commander and JTAC roles defined.

1. Ground commander may only control ground units. F10 only cannot enter Vehicle's.
2. JTAC is acting FAC from a vehicle only.
3. Have to buy and own the JTAC vehicles to be a JTAC.
4. Must have sever debriefing file posted with the AAR to show kills to go on the roster.

Search and rescue of downed pilots.

1. A pilot that survives an ejection or crash landing will have the opportunity to have a SAR come and pick them up.
2. The SAR helicopter must come within 20 meters of the downed pilot and within 5 meters of the ground for pick up. (This is due to the bad ground grab on land)
3. The downed pilot must take a screen shot of the SAR helicopter and the pilot on the ground meeting rule 2. The SS must be posted in the forum proving the SAR was completed.
4. The SAR helicopter may not offensively engage any targets while caring a passenger. Only after dropping off the downed pilot can the SAR chopper return to the battle area to reengage targets or mission objectives.
5. Downed pilots may be picked up later after mission is complete.
6. Pilots not receiving a SAR will get a MIA status and forfeit any chance at a salvage of airframe.
7. A stand by SAR pilot called in to rescue a downed pilot will be paid $25,000 by the rescued pilot. The standby SAR helicopter will not have any armament to defied it's self with.
8. KA-50 can pick up a max of 2 downed pilots. The KA 50 cannot engage targets while a rescued pilot is on board.
9. UH-1H can pick up 6 downed pilots and is allowed to continue on in battle.
10. Mi-8MTV can pick up 8 pilots and is allowed to continue in the battle.
11. Any aircraft shot down while transporting rescued pilots all pilots and passengers will go KIA. The KA-50 pilot can eject to go MIA or may be rescued.
12. Self SAR is defined as the downed pilot finding a non-combat vehicle and getting screen shot standing next to it.
13. Friendly JTAC or ground units commanded by the ground commander can be moved to the downed pilot’s location for a SAR statues.

Repair of damaged airframe.

You will now have to pay to repair or overhaul a damaged airframe to bring it back to full operational status. An airframe can be repaired if landed back at base on its wheels. If the aircraft cannot make it back to the parking area a tow fee will be applied along with the repairs needed. A tow for a KA-50 on a FARP will count as a belly landing with in 100m of the FARP. For an A-10C it will have to be on its wheels, on base (the dirt counts with in 100m of the landing strip or paved area on the airport). On the AAR will be six (6) boxes for damage parts. If all six (6) boxes are full and the airframe still needs other repairs to be listed, it will default to a partial overhaul.

1. Repair list KA-50 A-10C.[/color]
2. L/R Wing $18,000 $60,000 (Must have big holes or missing)
3. L/R Engine $90,000 $180,000 (Fire damage, failure to run)
4. H Tail $6,000 $12,000 (Must have big holes or mission)
5. V Tail $12,000 $18,000 (Must have big holes or missing)
6. Nose $24,000 $50,000 (Big hole in nose A-10, Wires hanging out from under the nose Ka-50)
7. Body $66,000 $90,000 (small bullet holes on any part of the aircraft. If the part is being replaced no body repair required.)
8. Gear $36,000 $36,000 (any damage to the landing gear system, Flat tires= $5,000 each)
9. Tow $100,000 $100,000

Tow fee ($50,000) this includes belly down landing on the runway or within 100 feet of the runway. If the aircraft cannot make it back to the parking area a tow fee will be applied in addition to the repairs needed.
KA-50 - a tow fee will be charged provided the aircraft is within 1 km of the FARP and is on its wheels.
A-10C - a tow fee will be charged provided the aircraft is on the base concrete (or dirt within 1 nm of the landing strip or paved area) and is on its wheels.

Recovery and overhaul overrides all above Fees..

Landing over 100 feet or but further than 1 KM from base will require 100,000 tow fee + repairs.
Recovery and or Partial overhaul $3,000,000
KA-50 – a partial overhaul will be charged for any belly landing or wheels-down landing over 1 km from the FARP.
A-10C – a partial overhaul will be charged for any belly landing or wheels-down landing over 1 nm from the base.
In all cases, distance from base/FARP is not to exceed 15 km (8 nm) and the airframe must be 15 km (8 nm) from the nearest threat and is OVER 1km from base.

Recovery and Full overhaul $5,500,000
KA-50 – a full overhaul will be charged for any landing over 15 km (8 nm) from the FARP.
A-10C – a full overhaul will be charged for any landing over 15 km (8 nm) from the FARP.
In all cases, distance from base/FARP is not to exceed 40 km (21 nm) and the airframe must be 15 km (8 nm) from the nearest threat.

Recovery costs and any damage to the airframe will be covered by the applicable overhaul fee. If you crash land within 15 km (8 nm) of a threat, and recovery/overhaul does not apply and you lose the airframe. If you do not have the cash to cover repairs the airframe will be placed in a no op state until the repairs can be paid for. You have 90 days to make good for repair cost. Nonpayment will result in a salvage of the airframe for parts to repair pilot’s airframes that pay.

If mission is flown in SP mode the debriefing file must be save and posted along with the AAR.

Contract board rules and layout.

The first AAR thread posted by a M.C. is the one that gets to attempt the mission. Any other AAR's posted after that are VOID, if you claim a mission to fly you should post/create a post in the AAR section of the forum prior to flying the mission. You can post the results after the mission is complete. Once you make a post claiming a mission off one of the mission boards, you have one (1) hour to start the mission. After that the mission goes back up for grabs. If mission is flown in SP mode the debriefing file must be save and posted along with the AAR.
If flown in a MP sever but as a SP the same SS of the kill screen and if possible the mission success message. And the Standard AAR. Screen shots of the air craft must be taken at the conclusion of the mission. This is to prove the damage to the air frame posted on the AAR. A minimum of 3 SS of the air craft are required. One of each side and one from the bottom (taken just before landing). The above for multiplayer OR the track file instead of screenshots. A complete AAR is still required.

Single player mission board rules
1. Mission commanders will now no longer be able to pick any mission they want to fly. They will have to pick from the available list of missions.
2. 6 missions will be displayed.
3. Once all of the missions are flown it will be refreshed with 6 new missions.
4. New missions will be posted every week on Sunday or Monday.
5. A maximum of 3 missions a month can be flown by one mission commander.

00:45-2hr mission board
1. Mission commanders must chose a mission from this board to fly.
2. Must have 2 or more members in the mission.
3. 10 missions will be displayed.
4. Once 7 missions have been attempted the board will be refreshed with 10 new missions.
5. New missions will be posted every 2 weeks. On the 1st of the month and the 15th, if 6 missions have not been attempted.
6. There is no maximum limit of missions that can be done by one mission commander.

2 hr + mission board
1. Mission commanders must chose a mission from this board to fly.
2. Must have 2 or more members in the mission.
3. 2 missions will be displayed.
4. Every time a mission is attempted that mission will be replaced with a different mission.
5. These mission will not be replaced until a mission is flown/attempted.
6. No maximum limit of missions that can be flown.

Contract missions.

New contracts up for bid will be posted as missions are built for this purpose, usually 1 or 2 a weak.

DCS-Mercenary Pilots that qualify to be a mission commander may post a closed bid to Admin Shane in a P.M.

On Saturday 12:00 PST the bids will be revealed and the contracted awarded to the low bidder. No bid posted after 11:50 PST on Saturday will be posted.

The contracted M.C. will have 1 weak to plan and execute the mission.

If the mission is not completed or a failure the contract falls to the next low bidder at their bid price.

A recon flight is an option to gather intelligence and screen shots to be added to the briefing prior to the end of the bidding time period. A lack market A-10C will be available with pay of $100,000. If the recon pilot so chooses to fly his/her own aircraft, the mission pay will be $350,000.

Some missions may have a reserve price (not to exceed $$$$). Any bid higher than the reserve will be tossed out. If all bids are higher than the reserve the low bidder will be offered the mission at the reserve price. If the mission is not completed it rolls to the next low bidder at the same reserve price until the mission is a success or there are no more bidders. At the point the mission is not completed and no more bidders are on the list, the mission will be edited and added to the list of official missions available to fly.

Once a contract is completed (mission success) the mission will be edited and added to the list of official missions available to fly.

Mission Building and Official mission testing:

Official Mission testing:
This is when a member creates a mission and has been reviewed by CAT_101 and has approval for final trigger testing. All participants will receive $25,000 and flight time.

Mission Building

Opfor mission building.
Missions may be built with the option of having members take the place of AI.