***Attention freelance Mercenaries, Mercenary Groups and Private Military Companies!***

Welcome to the Digital Combat Mercenaries. This form is designed to guide you through the steps to joining the Mercenaries and for you to decide your future within the Digital Combat Mercenaries world.

The DCM is unlike any other gaming community in the form that the choices you make, and how proficient of a pilot you actually matter.

Within the DCM, you have the ability to earn virtual money by flying and completing contracts set up by mission commanders. We will come back to this later.

Let us talk about the community and your options. In the world of the DCM, you have many different paths that you can take to earn fame...and of course a bit of virtual cash.

First off, whatever path you choose you will always have your notoriety level within the mercenary community.

Nugget - New member

Mercenary - Completed 10 missions, attended basic training, and flown a "steal an aircraft mission".

Hardened Mercenary - Completed 25 missions and acquired 100 kills.

Notorious mercenary - Completed 50 missions and acquired 250 kills.

Infamous Mercenary - Completed 100 missions and acquired 1,200 kills.

Scarred Mercenary - Completed 250 missions and acquired 2,500 kills.

Blood Mercenary - Completed 500 missions attempted advanced theft mission and acquired 6,000 kills.

Master Mercenary - Completed 750 missions and Acquired 12,000 kills

You also have the choices below in your career within the Mercenaries

****Freelancer**** - You live by your own rules, you answer to none, your goal is one thing, and one thing only. To make money. You will generally be subcontracted out and hired by a mercenary group or PMC for a pre-negotiated fee, to fill a gap in staffing for individual missions. As a freelancer your rep is everything.

****Mercenary Group**** - Mercenaries groups come in many different shapes and sizes. Usually slightly less organized than a PMC, these groups are where loyalties lie thin. and even though you feel that you may work better together than you do apart, you are here to make money, ... until a better opportunity arises. When your group takes on a contract it up to your group leader to determine how the funds are distributed.

****Contracted Pilot to a Paramilitary Corporation (PMC)**** -Pilots have the option of being contracted to a group within the DCM. Any mission flown for the group will be utilizing group funds and equipment. The individual has the option to maintain their own personal inventory, separate from the group.- No aircraft allowed in group hanger. May only borrow weapons/fuel from group warehouse. (one warehouse 500 storage and one Fuel tank 99,000 lb. of fuel) are available to this group stile.

2A. Creating a contract “Term of service” with a PMC group.
1. This is a contract that will dictate a pay for a time period of service to a PMC group.
2. Once a contract agreement is reached it must be filed with the DCM. Or it is not a binding contract. Both the contractor and contracted party must sign the document or each send the Contract agreement to DCM on the approved letter head. By adding your name/call sign to the contract and E-mailing it to the DCM. Both party's are bound by the agreement at the time the DCM receives the email. (Must be E-mailed from a on file address for that member)

2B. Base expansion is limited to how many members are in the group. For each member you have over four, you will gain the ability to expand your base by two buildings per pilot . Base starts as a single base with one of each building (One Hanger, One Warehouse, and One Fuel tank). A maximum of twenty building is allowed.


When you start off with the DCM you, of course, will not have any funds. Everything within the mercs can cost; or make you money. Through the mercenaries, you will have access to the black market to buy aircraft, land vehicles, and weapons.

At first, since you will not have your own aircraft the black market has loaner aircraft that come with a preset loadout, that you can fly for individual missions at a time.

Now let's talk about how you earn money during contracts.

If you own your own aircraft you can negotiate a fee for your services with the mission commander to assure a set profit. You will usually have a higher payout than a black market pilot or contracted pilot. Bringing your own weapons and equipment can allow you to ask for more pay. Don't forget your reputation will also increase or decrease the negotiated pay.

There can also be a points bonus for individual kills during a mission that you will earn whether you are in your own aircraft or a black market aircraft. Black market pilots earn a lower per point bonus.

It is generally stated that unless pre-negotiation with the mission commander has taken place, and you are flying a black market aircraft there is no base mission pay that will be allotted to you (The mission commander is not required to pay you). Keep in mind, this states unless negotiated.

One thing to note is that EVERYTHING is negotiable within the Digital Combat Mercenaries world. The only limit is your mind.
Whatever path you choose, this world is for the taking. You can find yourself in riches or rags, it just depends on one thing.... how good are you?

There are no rules but the Fine Print.