Hanger, Warehouse and Fuel tanks.

1. Starting buildings for all members will be 1 Hanger, 1 Warehouse, and 1 fuel tank.

2. Building storage capacity's (Hanger: 4 airframes of any size) (Warehouse: 500 slots for inventory) (Fuel tank: 99,000 lbs. of fuel, You may have the 2 different types of fuel in one tank)

3. Expanding your storage capacity. To be able to buy more buildings you must first expand your building pads. To do this you will have to pay $12,000,000 to buy the property, have construction build the pads add water and all the other things needed. By buying this upgrade you will be able to build 3 more building of your choice. This upgrade can only be bought 3 times. This will give you 9 more building pads to expand your storage capacity.

4. Building pricing. Hanger = $2,000,000 Warehouse = $2,500,000 Fuel tank = $1,500,000

These rules are to be enforced on all members starting today. All members that are currently overstock have until Dec. 24, 2014, to reach compliance or their stockpile will be sold to the black market at the restocking price of 75% value of the item. I will go through the storage buildings with each member to decide what they are willing to give up until they reach compliance. Also, any member out of compliance will not be allowed to buy any more stock from the Black Market. (This means that if you are out of compliance with any of the 3 items you are not allowed to buy any of the other items.)

5. If you are able to buy a Nimitz class aircraft carrier you will be able to store 65 aircraft, 5,000 weapons slots and 450,000 lbs of fuel on board.

5a If taking off from an airport you are restricted to the inventory on land. If taking off from the aircraft carrier you are restricted to the inventory of the aircraft carrier.