Requirements to be a Mission Commander.

1. Only Pilots with enough equipment/money can grab contracts off the Contract board.
2. Requirements 1 airframe, 10,000lb of fuel, 1 gun load and 2 hard points of the same weapon type
3. Pilots must meet the Hardened Mercenary status, (25 mission's total)
4. Pilots must be 18 years of age.
5. Must be checked out by a senior member, topics must include how to download and properly fill out an AAR with only minor mistakes (CAT_101).

Jr. Mission Commander

1. All rules to be a Mission commander apply to the Jr. M.C.
2. The Jr. Mission Commander can only hire one (1) other pilots to fly with. Unless the Jr. Mission Commander is just commanding from the ground.
3. Jr. Mission Commander cannot command the 2 hr and longer mission's
4. The member must meet the Mercenary status. (10 missions, Basic training and attempted a aircraft steel)

Rules for Jr. Mission Commander without an aircraft.

1. This is a special circumstance assignment by CAT_101. In the event that there is a low in Mission commanders to take up non M.C. Qualified pilots in the DCS-mercenaries.
2. When acting as an M.C. You are subject to all the rules of a Merc, with an aircraft. Except not being restricted from using a Black market supplied aircraft. (example: can not collect B.M. only points for cash.)
3. All rules applied to using a black market aircraft apply. Except for paying for damage to the aircraft. And subject to the recovery fees.
4. All Jr. mission commander rules apply. Except rules stated in the “Rules for Jr. Mission Commander without an aircraft.”
5. When flying with another Merc. The is a qualified M.C. The Jr. Mission Commander without an aircraft. Is no longer subject to the rules posted for a “Jr. Mission Commander without an aircraft.”. They are to be considered a normal member without there own aircraft. They are allowed to get B.M. only points.
6. Jr. Mission Commander without an aircraft. Are subject to all AAR infraction rules and penalties.
7. The member must meet the Mercenary status. (10 missions, Basic training and attempted a aircraft steel)

The responsibility of the M.C.

1. M.C. must file an After Action Report within 48 hours, in the Submit AAR here section of the google drive and post that the mission is complete on the contracts forums. If the AAR is not filed in that time the M.C. will be fined $250,000 for failure to report mission status and will have to pay any hired pilots $100,000 regardless of mission status. The AAR must still be filed.

2. M.C. must negotiate pilots pay prior to mission take off, pilots flying a black market supplied airframe do not have to be paid by the MC, they may fly for the point bonus at the MC’s discretion.

3. Mission planning and briefing

4. Report weapon and fuel loads to the host for setting up the mission.

5. The MC is not responsible for the inventory of those flying for them.

6. Any side dealings should be noted in the AAR and posted in the forum along with the AAR.

7. MC is responsible for posting proof (IE: screenshots, .trk file, twitch recording) of mission status. No proof of mission results can lead to a rejection of AAR and a Fine of $100,000