This is how mission builders will be paid for creating new content for the group to consume.

Singel player mission creation.
If a mission can be flown and completed by a single individual it will be classified as a Singel player mission.
No matter the flight time required or mission difficulty the pay for this type of mission is $500,000

Multi-payer mission creation.
A mission that requires more that one person to complete the objective in one trip.
this will exclude the A-10C and Su-25T (bomb truck) as a defining aircraft. Mission type to include one of these CAS, CAP, Strike, Escort, intercept SEAD, and SEAD strike.
Escort and CAS will be considered the same outside of the description for multi-role mission creation.

Base pay for MP mission creation for one mission role. $1,000,000
Base pay for MP mission creation for two or more mission roles $1,500,000

This section will define adding difficulty to the creation of the mission and what one will be paid for the time it takes to add the content to the mission.


A simple success trigger is a requirement in all missions and will not receive a bonus for it.
All triggers must be relevant to the mission objective and not just events that have no meaning.
A more complex set of triggers numbering 10-25 will get an extra $100,000.

For 26-50 triggers $250,000

For 51-75 triggers $350,000

For 75-100 triggers $500,000

For 100+ $650,000

Objective/target count that requires more Members/ordinance to complete the mission in one round trip.

3 members bonus $250,000
4 members bonuse$300,000
5-6 members bonus $500,000

Add briefing photos $25,000
basic briefing
extensive briefing $50,000 (will cover all radio and tacan channels, detailed briefing, mission requirements for success and anything else relevant to the mission.